Paige Spiranac makes bold sports predictions for 2023, including a Super Bowl winner, and fans are freaking out

meAnd there is one thing Paige Spiranac has it, every time she posts a photo, video, or comment on her social mediathousands of fans go crazy and share her daring photos and posts.

As a former professional golfer, Paige has been involved in the world of sports, until now I dared to give her predictions of what would happen to some teams In the year that just started.

“I think it’s going to be a great year and I think it’s fitting that he makes some big and bold sporting predictions for 2023,” he said. He said in his video posted to his more than 750,000 Twitter followers.

Its predictions for the most popular sports

in his predictions, Spiranac covered the results of the major games of the year in football, basketball, golf, hockey, tennis and more. In terms of the NFL, Page believes Philadelphia will win the Super Bowl: “Eagles? They’re going to win the Super Bowl,” And about the college football championship, he said, “And you know what, I love TCU to win the national championship.”

As for tennis, Spiranac speculated so Rafael Nadal is going to win another Grand Slam and then retirewhile Coco Gauff would capture his first major title.

Spiranac also spoke about the NBA: “The Brooklyn Nets will win the NBA championship, LeBron James will be traded,” she added.

And what about her favorite sport, golf?

Of course, Paige couldn’t help but offer her prediction regarding her favorite sport, golf: She emphatically said “Rory McIlroy is going to win the Masters”adding, “And we’ll also see a LIV player with a major title.”

Other predictions of Spiranac are that The Bruins will win the NHL Stanley Cup, while the New York Yankees will win the MLB World Series.

In conclusion, one of his “prophecies” for college athletics added: Purdue men b

asketball will win the national championship.”



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