Universal Studios Stunt Performer is hospitalized after an accident at the Waterworld Show

One of the artists was injured and taken to the hospital on Monday during a performance at the water world Gimmick Show (formally known as Water World: Amazing Vivid Naval Warfare) at Universal Studios Hollywood. The artist’s name and current condition have been kept secret, but police and local media reported that yesterday afternoon, one of the performers took a dip in the water as part of the stunt, and did not return when expected. Another performer on the show went underwater to bring him back, and he was taken to hospital. An audience member commenting on a local news article noted that there were flags and checkpoints throughout the show, so it is likely that the quick response from the other cast members was because the injured man had missed one, alerting the other actors to his plight.

The stunning show has been around since 1995, when it opened alongside the movie of the same name. It includes fireworks, stunts, giant water spray, and seaplane crash.

“We can confirm that an entertainer with a longtime show vendor was hospitalized after a stunt during the afternoon show and our thoughts are with him while he receives care. Details surrounding the event are being reviewed. As always, safety is our top priority in our daily operations,” he said. A spokesperson for Universal Studios Hollywood.

You can watch a local news story covering the situation below.

the water world The show is performed by highly trained artists, unlike most Universal and Disney attractions, which are run by cast members, due to the dangerous nature of the show. The show was canceled after an injury, and the audience was removed.

to me KTLAThe performer was unresponsive when 911 was called, but he received CPR at the scene and was conscious on the way to the hospital.

said a witness in the park capc that “the performer was on one of the towers and, as part of the act, fell into the water… the other workmen noticed he was missing and went into the water to drag him up.”

while the water world The movie was a notorious bomb at the box office, and the zany stunt show has become a fan favorite over the years, possibly doing some good for the movie’s image, which only got better after it hit home video and found a suitable audience.

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