Houston crime: Video shows robbers targeting victim who returned to car with bank bag near NRG Stadium

Houston, Texas (KTRK) – The wanted robbery suspects searched a parking lot for 10 minutes before finding their victim in a bank near NRG Stadium. However, the police said they only escaped with an empty duffle bag.

A video released by Houston police on Tuesday shows just how easy these types of bank robberies can be.

Police said the victim was stopped in front of Chase Bank at 8330 South Main Street near Kirby Drive and entered with a bank bag three weeks earlier on January 17.

What he didn’t realize when he pulled over was that the suspects were sitting in the black SUV with black wheels parked next to him, watching him get inside.

The video shows the suspects pulling their car in and out of the place where the victim was inside the bank. At one point, they pulled over and backed up the SUV in the same parking spot.

The victim returned to his car and appeared to put the bank bag in the back seat. Then he sat in the driver’s seat.

That’s when the suspects drove the car behind him, stopping the victim on the spot.

The video shows a person getting out of the back seat of the suspect’s car and opening the door of the victim’s car, grabbing a condom bag from behind.

The video showed that the victim tried to run away behind the suspects, but they quickly moved away.

The police did not have any description of the suspects except that the person who got out of the car was wearing dark clothes.

Although the thieves got away with the bag, HPD indicated that it was indeed empty. Now, officers are looking for suspects they thought were getting away with the man’s money.

Police say the video is a good reminder to watch out for any suspicious or loitering vehicles before heading to a bank.

Contact the Crime Stoppers of Houston directly if you have any information related to this investigation. Information leading to the indictment and/or arrest of a felony suspect may result in a cash payment of up to $5,000. Tipsters should contact Crime Stoppers directly to remain anonymous and have cash considered by calling 713-222-TIPS (8477), submitting an online tip at www.crime-stoppers.org or through the Crime Stoppers mobile app.

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