How to get a compound bow

Over the course of their adventure in The Sons of the Forest, players will gain access to a variety of options, including a selection of ranged weapons. Everyone who has tried to survive a zombie apocalypse knows that melee weapons can only get you so far before you need something more deadly. When it comes to resolving this problem, fortunately, there are a few different options available.

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An excellent example of this would be Arch complex. This weapon is so effective that it can easily finish off the vast majority of wild animals roaming the jungle, not to mention the flesh-eating cannibals trying to tear you to pieces. This is the bow for elite hunters and deadly cannibals, shooting bows with an improved rate that is more lethal and greater distance than the average wooden bow and arrow.

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Where do you find a compound bow?

Screenshot of the Sons of the Forest location map

As with most items in the game, the mounted bow is located in one of the many hidden caves and bunkers scattered throughout the map. This cave/hideout requires several necessary tools, such as a rebreather, shovel, and rope gun. Before making any attempt to recover a compound bow, Make sure you have all of the above items ready in your inventory. Provided you have the requirements to access the respective vault, go to the point marked in the image above.

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How to get a compound bow

Screenshot of the Children of the Forest complex

Once the player successfully navigates to the designated location, the vault opening is initially buried in dirt and terrain. This is where the shovel is needed. Although other basic tools are mentioned, they are required to get the shovel. The entrance to the cellar is buried in the middle of two haphazardly placed surveyor cams needing a golf cart. To access the slot, the The player must equip the bulldozer and start digging until the bunker hole is opened.

Screenshot of the Sons of the Forest website

It may take a few minutes to clean the vent, be sure to target all the dirt covering the vent to fully expose it. When the bulldozer stops hard, You start digging in a new area. You’ll know when you’ve drilled enough when the option to open the hole appears. After exposing the hatch, the next step is to use the interaction button to pull the hatch up and open it. After that, the player will begin to descend into the bunker, where he will find a compound bow.

Snapshots of the Jungle Sons Complex website

After entering the bunker, continue along the corridor until you reach the flooded room to your right, then turn around. Go to this room.

find your way to the toilet; The bathtub is located right in the center of this room. The composite arch is located in the center of the room, leaning against the same bathtub. Approach and collect a compound bow to add it to your arsenal.

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