Pokémon reveals if Ash becomes a Pokémon Master in the final episode

the Pokemon The anime officially bid farewell to Ash Ketchum more than 25 years after he first began his journey, and the final episode of his tenure revealed whether or not Ash had truly become the Pokemon master he aimed to achieve! Pokémon: Aim to be a Pokémon Master It was a special final season of the Pokémon anime that was supposed to be Ash’s final adventure after becoming the World Champion. But as Ash discovers more about himself and the world, he also realizes that being a Pokémon Master is much more of a challenge than he initially expected.

the Pokemon The anime started with Ash going on his journey to becoming the best he was on his path to being a Pokemon Master, and now that the anime has said goodbye, Ash has taken the time to reflect on his journey in general. After reuniting with his longtime rival, Gary Oak, Ash begins to wonder if he’s really closer to being a Pokémon Master after winning the Coronation World Series. As he reflects on all his travels, he comes to the answer that he is not a master yet.

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Pokemon: Is Ash a Pokemon Master?

Pokémon: Aim to be a Pokémon Master Episode 11 (which served as Ash’s final episode in the Pokemon anime in general) sees Ash explaining to Pikachu that he doesn’t feel like a Pokemon master, “Back then, [Gary] You asked me how close I got to becoming a Pokemon Master, but being a Champion isn’t my goal. I still consider myself a challenger. I want to have more adventures and get to know more Pokemon. All the things that happen every day… every single one of them matters…”

As for what Ash thinks he is a Pokemon Master, he’s probably still a long way from that ultimate goal, “I want to make friends with every Pokemon in the world. This should be what it means to be a Pokemon Master.” Making as many friends as possible has been Ash’s ultimate goal of the anime’s final series in general, so this ultimate realization all helps fuel Ash’s journey through the Pokemon anime all this time.

But while Ash may not feel like a Pokemon master, fans would beg to differ! Do you think Ash is a Pokémon pro now that he’s out of the anime? Let us know all your thoughts on this topic in the comments! You can also contact me directly about all things animation and other cool stuff Valdezology on Twitter!

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