Jamie Lee Curtis launches his campaign to join One Piece on Netflix

Since Netflix announced that they will be creating live action one piece On the TV series, fans took the opportunity to cast some of their favorite cartoon characters from the Grand Line. While Luffy and the Straw Hats have already been cast, along with many of their allies and foes from the early parts of the series, there’s one actress that fans have been licking their fingers to make an appearance. Jamie Lee Curtis Halloween And Everything, everywhere, all at once The fame has now started a campaign to join the next Netflix remake.

It is not confirmed that Jamie Lee Curtis will be a part of the future one piece A live-action series, but one that really does have its own personality in mind. The legendary Hollywood actress hopes to take on the role of Kureha, the adoptive mother of Tony Tony Chopper, the beloved doctor of the Straw Hat Pirates. With Kureha first appearing in chapter 134 of the one piece manga, the Netflix series might be able to land Curtis a role if the live-action take on the Straw Hat Pirates is confirmed for a second season. With season 1 set to explore the series’ oldest arcs uniting Luffy and his crew, the Oscar winner may have to wait a bit before joining the Going Merry.

One Piece: The Jamie Lee Curtis Campaign

As fans who watched this year’s Academy Awards know, Curtis was able to take home an Academy Award thanks to her supporting role in the movie, Everything, everywhere, all at once. Jamie Lee’s campaign to join the Straw Hat Pirates has been shared via her official Twitter account, with fans crossing their fingers that the celebrity one piece A fan finally gets her wish. While the live-action series is confirmed to arrive this year, Netflix has yet to reveal a release date.

In an interview earlier this year, the actress who will play Nami in Netflix’s one piece He also hoped Jamie Lee Curtis would join the series in the future. Actress Emily Rudd went so far as to beg the prolific actress to join the Grand Line universe. While nothing has been set in stone yet, there has clearly been some serious build-up when it comes to Curtis becoming a live-action anime character.

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