Texas Wildlife: The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has declared the crawfish an endangered species

the A broken twistflowerOn Monday, the US Fish and Wildlife Service declared a Texas wildflower threatened by increasing urbanization, an endangered species.

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The tall, bright purple flower, which has seen a dramatic drop across the rapidly developing I-35 corridor between Austin and San Antonio, will receive protection under the Endangered Species Act. Nearly 1,600 acres across four Texas counties—Uvalde, Medina, Bexar, and Travis—are designated critical home to the plant.

Protection, which comes after the Center for Biological Diversity presented a suit in 2021 v. federal agency, it will lead to a restoration plan to bring back the plant and prescribe conservation measures. It will also make it illegal to remove, cut, dig or harm the plant.

“Very few of the world’s busy Texans stop today to think about these plants…but they still play a very essential role in our world,” said Michael J. Robinson, senior conservation advocate at the Center for Biological Diversity.

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The once-blooming Hill Country wildflower blooms in spring and requires specific soils found only near the edge of Glen Rose and the Edwards Plateau region. It also needs ground water and a mixture of sun and shade provided by juniper trees and live oak trees. Its lavender-colored flowers provide nectar and pollen for Texas bee species.

“This is a species that could be recovered within a few decades if its remaining habitats are managed appropriately,” Chris Best, a state botanist for the Texas Fish and Wildlife Service, said in a news release.

Conservationists say wildflower populations are becoming increasingly separated from each other so much that pollinators like the bees that ensure reproduction can’t move from site to site, adding to the loss of genetic diversity and hurting the plant’s ability to adapt to other threats.

the Endangered Species Act Threatened is defined as “any species with the potential to become endangered in the foreseeable future across all or a significant portion of its range.” Wildflowers have lost their habitat to evolution, hungry white-tailed deer and non-native grazing animals.

It is the second plant in Texas that the federal agency has listed under the Endangered Species Act this year. Last month, she added prostrate milkweed, a rare Texas plant important to the survival of monarch butterflies, is added to the endangered list. All 24 known groups of prostrate milkweed are found within 8 miles of the Rio Grande.

“Protecting prostrate grass is important for monarch butterflies, which lay their eggs on these plants as they fly across Texas after spending the winter in Mexico,” said Tierra Carey, a senior scientist at the Center for Biological Diversity.

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The creamy white plant is endangered due to loss of genetic diversity due to land clearing. develop like Construction of the boundary wallOil and gas drilling and building wind turbines, along with road maintenance, all destroy the soil that plants need to survive. According to an evaluation by US Fish and Wildlife Service scientists. President Joe Biden halted most border barrier construction in 2020.

Designated Fish and Wildlife Service Approximately 661 acres It is a critical habitat for the plant in Star and Zapata provinces.

The rare plant is recognized by its triangular foliage with wavy edges that appear like stars. The plant wilts during periods of drought but uses its long stems to absorb rain during tropical storms.

The cannabis prostration list went into effect on March 30. The Twisted Flower List will go into effect next month.

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