Asus ROG Ally will get major improvements to correct early revision issues

We’re still two weeks away from the Asus ROG Ally retail launch. While reviews for the mobile device weren’t the best, it appears that the company is trying to salvage the console’s reputation leading up to launch, stating that things are being worked on behind the scenes that will make significant improvements before they end up in consumers’ hands.

Now, just to boot, the introduction of this product was quite confusing. Before finalizing the hardware or software of the product, Asus decided to publish review units in a number of large publications, and while the power was there, the console was criticized for its poor battery life and poor software optimizations. As you might expect, those with pre-orders have become hesitant with all this news, and Galip Fu, consumer and gaming PC brand manager at Asus, says that about 10 percent of pre-orders have been canceled as a result. negative press.

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New information comes from interview conducted by the edgeFortunately, there was an upside for Asus in getting the units out early, as the team was able to take feedback and go back and look at some of the issues and complaints noted in the reviews posted online. As for what kinds of changes are in store, Fu shares that battery life on ROG Ally retail units will increase by 10 to 20 percent thanks to “various software tweaks.”

Another big change in the retail version will be the ability to turn off some of the console’s AMD Z1 Extreme processor cores, which can be incredibly useful for games that don’t require a lot of processing power. The interview sheds light on how the team initially focused so much on improving the power of the portable device at 30W and 50W, and didn’t really look at the device’s performance at lower wattages. We hope that the new updates will bring really radical changes, because there is a lot of competition.

But Asus seems to be well aware, and in the interview, Fu states that the Steam Deck really excels at offering great performance in most battery scenarios, and even declares that:

“We are all big fans of Valve and also Steam Deck because they are the cornerstone of the PC gaming industry. We are trying to keep up with all our supporters of ROG Ally. We will not let them down.”

This is a big announcement from a company known for pumping out new products annually. It’s not clear what the roadmap is for ROG Ally, but we’ve seen how excellent support from the company can really change the product. The Steam Deck is now a media darling, but when it first launched, words towards the console weren’t very kind, with many criticizing the experience. Let’s hope Asus really learns from Valve and delivers a long and memorable ROG Ally experience.


The Asus ROG Ally is a Windows 11 gaming laptop, and a major competitor to Valve’s Steam Deck. It comes with AMD Ryzen Z1 processors, a Full HD display, and a 120Hz refresh rate.

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