Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – Tantalorr

After a short filler mission where you have to align arrays at the Koboh Control Center, players will need to return to Tanalorr as part of the Confront The Traitor mission in Star Wars: Jedi Survivor. To get started, you need to travel to Tanallur using the galaxy map on the Praying Mantis.

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Once you get to Tanalorr, get off the Mantis, and you’ll notice a Haven’s Edge meditation point just outside it. Go right through the pond and go up the stairs on the other side. Continue to follow Merrin and make your way through the narrow canyon. There are not many things to explore nearby and you just have to follow the path to the Verdant Gardens.

Get to the temple lobby and find the pod

After you reach the end of the cliff, take a left and make your way down the slope.

Drop down near the pool and take a right to interact with the device in the middle of the pool to get Databank: Buried Invasion. Go in the opposite direction and keep going straight to make your way through the narrow gap. You will find a large pond with the cave entrance right across it. There are two databanks right outside the entrance, so grab them before you head into the cave.

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Head inside the cave to reach the atrium of the temple, here you will be singing a kata. Near the stairs in the center of the area, you will find the Temple Atrium Meditation Point, where you can rest before embarking on your journey. Follow the stairs above to find a kata and trigger a cutscene.

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How to defeat Bodhi

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Once the scene ends, the boss battle with Bode will begin, and fortunately, this time, you can defeat Bode. While you’ll also get access to healing items this time around, be aware that Bode is still a formidable opponent, so don’t take this battle for granted. Merrin will be your ally in this fight, but she’s not as aggressive as she usually is, so it’s not ideal to rely on her to deal damage. However, it will create slots for you that will help you get a few hits and deal some damage.

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Bode has a range of melee attacks and at times will also use ranged attacks. There is also an unblockable charged shot, so you have to be careful about that as well. Crossguard pose is very useful and can help you reduce stamina. What makes this fight difficult is Bode’s speed, as it barely gives you any chance to catch your breath and continue attacking. Once you have taken down enough of his HP, he will throw you down and the second phase will begin.

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Right at the beginning of the first stage, Bode throws a lightsaber which you have to dodge because it will follow you. It’s hard to get the timing right for this, but if you get hit it could be game over for you. Unlike the previous stage, approaching is a good idea here because it triggers a moveset that triggers a quick time event. If you cancel it, his stamina will be completely depleted and you can take some hits. There are a few unblockable attacks at this point, and while they may not deal damage, the follow-up can be quite deadly. Apart from all this, you can use the same previous strategy to pass this stage.

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For the last stage, Bode will start with an unlockable attack and follow up with a combo. You can avoid this simply by dodging. The rest of things remain largely the same, and the Crossguard stance will once again be a lifesaver for this stage as well. You don’t need to completely deplete his health bar, as the cut-scene will automatically trigger once your HP drops to around 20%. At the end, you’ll see the credits screen before returning to Mantis.

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