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A new season of ABC’s hit series The Bachelorette is just around the corner, and at the heart of the new season is Charity Lawson, who fans will remember from The Bachelorette season 27. Lawson arrived in his hometown during Zach Shallcross season, but fans were also heartbroken to learn it wasn’t meant to be. Now she will have the chance to meet the love of her life People.com She revealed the 25 men she will meet in the new season. This list includes WWE NXT Superstar Kale Dixon, although he will be appearing under his real name Caleb Balgaard on the show. WWE does not mention NXT in his bio, but it does mention that he is a professional wrestler who lives in Orlando, Florida, and you can find his full bio below.

Professional wrestler from Orlando, Florida: “Caleb B. may be a villain in the wrestling ring, but he couldn’t be more gentle in real life! A professional wrestler may look tough, but he’s a romantic guy who wears his heart on his sleeve. Caleb B. is very close to his family and hopes To settle down and start a family of his own very soon Caleb B. is the type who likes to go above and beyond to make his partner feel special and once even carved a seashell heart necklace for himself Will Caleb B. get the fairytale ending he was Where he hopes with Charity? Only time will tell.”

Fun facts:
-Caleb B. can’t control himself around cupcakes.
Caleb B wants to get a paragliding certificate.
-Caleb B. makes a cowboy hat look good.

Dixon recently appeared on NXT Level Up, but if he ends up staying on The Bachelorette for a while, we could see a lot more of him on NXT TV. It will be interesting to see if he works in wrestling for his first night intros, as these intros tend to be very memorable and related to what men or women do for a living. We’ve seen people show up with all sorts of weird accessories or drive vehicles or buggies. We’ve even seen someone appear in a cardboard box, so it remains to be seen what Dixon will do.

As for Charity, she became a fan favorite during The Bachelor, and the show loves having fan favorites who haven’t found love take center stage in a later season. This will happen again with Charity, and you can find her Full CV of the bachelors below.

A child and family therapist from Columbus, Georgia, Lawson holds a master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling from Auburn University. She stole America’s heart on season 27 of “The Bachelor” with her confidence, compassion for helping others, and her captivating smile. Audiences saw Lawson open up about finding love from By taking a risk, all with the support of those around her. After her emotional outing, the Bachelor’s confidence is strengthened in her true desire to find love.

As a bachelorette, Lawson is looking for a life partner who loves dogs, thrift, and a good tailgate; But, above all, she is honest, sympathetic, and appreciative of who she is. With parents who have been married for over 47 years, Lawson has been instilled with the confidence to know what she’s worth and is eager to find lasting love that matches their example.”

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