2 MOD APK 2.5.0 for Android (Unlock All Skins)

Interested in the exciting yet extremely simple gameplay of Dancing Line or Are you looking for a similar game that offers fast and fun entertainment on your mobile devices? Then you will definitely find 2 contains many interesting features that cannot be found anywhere else. Dive into endless in-game arcade gameplay anytime and have fun with friends and players from all over the world.

Take your phone and have fun anytime with the refreshing game. Enjoy the game even for a few minutes. Take on epic in-game actions as you fight for the first place. Build your colored zones on the big paper and compete with other players to make the biggest drawing.

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In the game, Android players will have the opportunity to plunge into the wonderful world of colorful characters. Here you will be playing as a monochrome cube that can move along a large sheet of paper. Feel free to draw any shape you want to color the entire paper. Claim territories as you fill the absurd shapes with your own colors.

At the same time, watch out for other contestants who come in a variety of colors. They would also try to claim territories on the map to stay on top. Feel free to dive into epic battles of colors as you defeat them, capture their territory, or vice versa.

As your color cube moves across the paper, you will leave a faded trail behind you. When you connect the trace to a complete shape, you paint the white paper with your own colors. However, don’t be tempted to go too far, as other players can easily knock you down by hitting your tracks.

In addition, players can “crush” into other people’s colored pieces and crave their own color. And if you bumped into each other, you’d both be eliminated. So every time you play 2, be sure to expect fierce fighting and exciting moments for territories. 2 screenshot 1


Here you will find all the exciting features the game has to offer:

Simple, fun and exciting gameplay

For those who are interested, the game offers simple and straightforward gameplay suitable for players of all ages. Here you can quickly find yourself playing the game and enjoy the great in-game levels. Join a series of epic in-game action and have fun building your color empire. Defeat other players and dominate the entire map with your ultimate powers. Color the entire board with your own color to win matches. And feel free to have fun with your friends and players from all over the world.

Intuitive touch controls with brilliant gestures

And to help you with that, the game also features intuitive touch controls with great gestures. With this, you can move your colored avatars in various directions by simply pointing your finger in certain directions. And since the moves are not close and the cube takes time to move, this also comes with a chance to outsmart your opponents and expose yourself to the enemy threat. Control your avatars to slash enemy lines to perform awesome moves, create your ultimate lines to cover entire maps, and more.

Enjoyable matches with players from all over the world

And for those interested, you may find yourself totally hooked on exciting matches where you can join dozens of online players from all over the world. Compete in your coloring contest and succeed to beat your opponents as you try to color the entire board. Take on epic challenges against real players and enjoy the game even more. Every match you play will be different with addictive gameplay. 2 screenshot 2

Exciting fights and clashes

On top of that, each match will offer players a variety of exciting fights and clashes with other players. However, every time you take your colored avatar outside of your colored zones, you will create a trail behind. If you do not complete the line and fill the space inside with your colors, other players can easily crush your tracks and make you disappear. And even if you stay inside your colored zones, you’re still not safe as others may throw themselves at you and sacrifice both players. So be sure to expect epic and exciting fights even if you dominate all the maps. Others may still respond as best they can.

Various character avatars and colors

To make the in-game experiences much more fun and relaxing for every player, 2 also offers a variety of interesting character customizations and personalization. With it, you can easily change your colors, get new avatars, make new changes and have fun coloring the board with new colors and graphics. Have fun playing with a variety of characters, from colorful stars to the mighty hands of Thanos. Make the game much more fun and exciting whenever you want.

free to play

And despite having all these great features, the game is still free for all Android players to play on their mobile devices. However, you can easily find the game and download it from. Google Play store without having to pay anything. 2 screenshot 3

Have more fun with our awesome mod

However, if you find the in-game ads or purchases quite annoying, it’s also possible for players to have a much more enjoyable game play with our awesome mod. Instead, you just need to download and install 2 Mod APK on our website. Follow the given instructions to successfully install the game and you can enjoy fully unlocked content whenever you want.

Visual and sound quality


Dive into the wonderful world of coloring with 2 as you take on simple yet captivating color games. Enjoy crisp images, great visuals, smooth gameplay and more. And most importantly, the unpretentious graphics will keep the game relatively smooth and lag-free every time you play it, especially on your low-end phones.


With small sound features, the game is completely different from other mobile action and arcade games. Here, you will not find yourself bombarded by various soundtracks and disturbing sound effects. Game just for you to focus and have fun.

final thoughts

For those of you who are into fast and relaxing mobile games, 2 is undoubtedly one of the best choices right now. Here you can have fun with your friends and players from all over the world in a variety of exciting in-game experiences. Dive into epic fights whenever you want and feel free to color the map to your liking. But most importantly, you can now enjoy the upgraded version of 2 on our website whenever you want, completely free and with modded gameplay.

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