10 Dinos in Jurassic World Dominion have never been seen on screen before, but one in particular was ‘really tough’

The jurassic world The franchise did a great job introducing audiences to a number of different dinosaurs. You have a T-Rex, a Velociraptor and a Prichosaurus, and let’s not forget Terrifying Hybrid Dinosaur Indominus Rex. In order to close a file jurassic world Franchise, director Colin Trevorrow knew he had to come out with a bang by introducing ten new dinosaurs in Dominion Jurassic World Never seen before. However, there was one dinosaur in particular that was “really hard” to make.

Looks like Colin Trevorrow can’t help but find A new dinosaur for Chris Pratt to escape from, such as Atrociraptor, considered one of the ten most dangerous of the new dinosaurs. For the one that was difficult to create, Trevorrow answered that question with The Hollywood Reporter behind the screen Audio notation.

Pyroraptors were really tough and the ones that took the longest to develop, because we didn’t really have any baseline for them. We had to understand how feathers interact with wind, icy water and all these other elements.

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