Telegram update stuck with animated emoji

Yesterday we reported on Telegram CEO Pavel Durov’s outcry for help. Durov claimed that Apple had been blocking a new app update for weeks. Even worse, she was doing it without offering any kind of explanation. After a day and extensive media coverage, it appears to have caught Apple’s attention. Durov provided an update through Telegram explaining the cause of the update issue and what Telegram will do going forward.

Apparently, the new Telegram Telemoji was the culprit, with Apple asking the company to remove it from the update. Telemoji are mobile versions of the standard emoji for iOS. While Durov didn’t share details, it’s understandable why Apple didn’t want permission to update. Durov stated, “This is a puzzling move on Apple’s behalf, because Telemoji would have added a whole new dimension to low-res static emojis and would have greatly enriched its ecosystem.” Durov may be here, but he also has to realize that Telegram has taken an existing product made by Apple and modified it. While the emojis are not exclusive to Apple, the icons used here are designed by the company.

telemoji at work

Durov said the company will take longer with its Telemoji, in order to offer something “more unique and recognizable,” which sounds like “make our own,” which it probably should have done in the first place. While the new Telemoji will not be included in the update, the company has included 10 new emoji designs that can be used instead.

Additionally, the company announced the Telegram Emoji platform, allowing users to create and upload their own custom emoji packs to Telegram. The new update will also add more visual flair as custom emojis will have the ability to interact with each other when chatting with someone individually. The app is also getting a Quality of Life update that will separate stickers, GIFs, and emojis into separate tabs. This should make it easier for users to find the exact thing they need to express themselves in the chat.

Telegram Premium users will also get access to some new updates. Premium users will get enhanced privacy settings, with the ability to decide who can send them audio and video messages. Moreover, Premium users will now be able to gift prepaid Premium subscriptions in periods of three, six or even 12 months. Let’s hope going forward, things won’t escalate between Telegram and Apple.

source: Pavel Durov (cable), cable

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