Apex Legends players think a new legacy has been disturbed

Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts have expanded the list Apex Legends Check out a new short story this week, and if the players’ assumptions are correct, this story may have sparked the idea of ​​the next legacy we’ll see added to the game. The story itself told through the pages of the comics revolves around Loba, the legend who has already been rumored to get the legacy during this season. However, neither Respawn nor EA have confirmed any legacy plans for the current season.

The comics in question can be seen below courtesy of climax Twitter account. The four-page story shows Luba working with her partner Jaime to raid an auction house in Psamathe where Luba finds something precious for her family: an ornate fan showing flashbacks that once owned her mother. Loba takes a turn to retrieve a fan that naturally ends up in junk, but she and Jaime have no trouble dealing with it.

It’s a neat side story to add to Loba’s character and capitalize on her working relationship with Jaime, but what Loba mains really captured is the fan that the legend was after in the comics. Inside places like LobaMains subreddit as well as in Reply to Tweet By itself, players are baffled by the possibility that this could be the game’s next legacy.

All of that excitement is helped by the fact that this isn’t the first time we’ve heard of a fan (or “war fan” as it’s sometimes referred to) regarding Luba’s legacy rumors. climax Content Creator Thordan Smash You’ve talked about Loba’s Heirloom previously, for example, and he reiterated after this comedian appeared that this was a “long-leaked War fan”. With Respawn’s lead animator, Moy Bara, who recently tweeted that Luba has been on Dave’s mind lately, people have also been willing to see some Lupa news.

Of course, some were expecting Loba’s Heirloom to be the wolf crew shown in the above gif, so there will be those who would be disappointed that’s not the case assuming the War fan is actually Loba’s Heirloom. On the contrary, the backstory behind the fan as well as the fact that it is a literal family heirloom seems to have raised some skeptics.

The comedian ended up with a vague “must go on,” so assuming there’s more to this story, expect to see more of that—and perhaps the legacy revealed—in the future.


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