The Princess Diaries Reboot: Michael Moskovitz will be back

Who was not a fan of Michael Moskovitz in the 2001 movie The Princess Diaries?

The cute and slightly awkward Mia Thermopolis – played by Robert Schwartzman – was in love with her well before she became Genovian royalty, has a great squad (Schwartzman’s actual squad, Ronnie), and even knew how to fix cars.

Fans will remember the devastation of the film’s sequel, “The Princess Diaries 2: A Royal Engagement” (2004), in which Anne Hathaway’s Mia ignores that she and Michael are now “just friends” because he’s been busy touring the country with his band. Then she meets Chris Pine, in his breakout role as Nicholas Devereaux.

Schwartzman, Rooney’s lead as well as co-founder of US distributor Utopia, says diverse That he, in fact, was touring with the band when he got a call telling him he wouldn’t be in the sequel.

“I was literally on a tour bus when they made this decision,” he says.

Rumors of a third release have been circulating for some time, with Hathaway revealing in 2019 that there is a script. Several members of the cast, including Julie Andrews and Mandy Moore, seem eager to return for another movie. Although Michael Schwartzman will need to subtly reintroduce it as the second film ends with Mia and Nicholas getting happily ever after, he says it will be a game.

“People asked me, like, ‘Would you do something else, if they brought it back? Or did they repeat that story? Of course, if the producers and studio felt that story would continue with the same cast,” Schwartzman says.

“How wonderful it is to be able to be a part of a film that has had a real impact and still exists in the world?”

However, Schwartzman noted that the experience would be very different without original director Garry Marshall, who died in 2016. For Schwartzman, who directed three feature films of his own, Marshall was a role model on the set.

“[For me]As a filmmaker, as a creative person, it was really cool to watch Gary Marshall work as a comedian, writer, and person within the studio system, because he was making a movie in the studio but it was Gary Marshall. So he was able to keep his brand intact within the studio system.”

So Schwartzman is definitely ready for a reboot, then?

If your question was, ‘Would you do that if they brought back The Princess Diaries and its original crew and kept telling that story? Will I be part of that journey? yes. I mean, I’m on the trip any way I cut it. I was in the first movie, and that character and the love and relationship interest had an impact on audiences. I think that’s cool. So, Disney, if you’re listening, give the go-ahead for the following “The Princess Diaries.”

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