Roger Dickens, John Williams and Ruth Carter Might Dominate the Oscars Craftsman Race

With the Oscar season fully underway after the Venice, Telluride and Toronto Film Festivals, Buzz is gearing up for the latest screenings from iconic filmmakers like Steven Spielberg and Darren Aronofsky,
Sarah Polly and Alejandro G Inarritu. But behind the scenes, look for eminent craftsmen to also be honored for their work on eminent competitors; In the film community, these names have become as famous as the directors and A-listers they work with.

Here are some of the craft giants who could add a nomination and even win an Academy Award to their resume when the Oscars take place in March.

Catherine Martin
production designer

Martin spans the worlds of fashion design and production design. Together with her husband, Baz Luhrmann, on “Elvis,” she has recreated the world famous American King – Beale Street in Memphis, Graceland Presley Palace, Las Vegas – on the sound stage in Australia. While the public buzzed about Austin Butler’s portrayal of Elvis, award watchers were also keeping an eye on Martin’s photo.
Production design for this movie.

Oscar Nominations: 6
Wins: 4

Courtesy of A24

Adrian Morut

Morot earned his only Academy Award nomination for 2010’s “Barney’s Version,” but with over 138 credits, audiences know his work. This season, people are talking about Brendan Fraser’s transformation in The Whale. The character designer and prosthetic artist was responsible for creating the 3D scans, rendering and mold making; His efforts required the actor to be in the makeup chair for hours. But it looks like Fraser won’t be the only one riding the Brenaissance Train this awards season.

Oscar Nominations: 1
Wins: None yet

Image courtesy of Searchlight Images. © 2022 20th Century Studios All rights reserved.

Roger Dickens
“Empire of Light”

It took 14 Academy Award nominations before esteemed cinematographer Dickens finally won in 2018 for “Blade Runner 2049” and triumphed again in 2020 for “1917.” Dickens is the favorite cinematographer for filmmakers Denis Villeneuve and Sam Mendes. This season, he’s reuniting with Mendes in “Empire of Light.” The cinema poem is wonderfully lit, all the better to highlight Olivia Colman’s acting.

Oscar Nominations: 15
Wins: 2

Black Panther Wakanda Forever

Ruth E. Carter
Fashion designer
“Black Panther: Forever Wakanda”

Carter made Oscar history in 2019 when she became the first African-American woman to win an award
Costume Design Award, for “Black Panther”. It is back for the long-awaited sequel, which will debut in November; Expect elaborate costumes and jewelry for the Wakanda Queens and Warriors. her designs
It will not only celebrate African history, but showcase future strength and innovation.

Oscar Nominations: 3
Wins: 1


Merie Weismiller Wallace / Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment

John Williams
“The Fabelmans”

Williams became the number one runner once the trailer for Steven Spielberg’s semi-autobiographical film, which is about an ambitious young director and his family, was released. The maestro, who has already won five Oscars, has been working with Spielberg for nearly 50 years, and their latest collaboration once again features the lush symphonic sounds that have kept him at the top of the field for decades.

Oscar Nominations: 52
Wins: 5

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