Dustin Lance Black suffered a ‘serious’ head injury last month

Dustin Lance Black, winner of the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay for 2008’s “Milk,” revealed he suffered a “serious head injury” last month, saying the injury was the reason he “disappeared for a while.”

Black wrote: “A month ago I had a serious head injury that put me off duty.” Instagram postR. “Showing me little improvement, my doctors instructed me to shut down my brain in hopes of a cure.”

Black announced the news Monday on Instagram, but did not give any details about the cause of the head injury. The Instagram post features a series of photos of Black and his wife Tom Daly in Greece. “But this week my dear, my top husband took us to the Greek islands to make me shut up. I can already feel that this trip is a step in the right direction, and finally feel safe when I share it a little again,” he continued on his post.

Black is the creator of the recently released limited-edition FX series “Under the Banner of Heaven” starring Andrew Garfield. Besides “Milk,” he also wrote the script for the 2011 movie “J. Edgar.”

“This has been a difficult and terrifying time for a creative genre that depends on what is in its skull for work, care and love. And now I understand that the way back will be a long one,” he wrote.

HBO’s “Mama’s Boy,” a documentary based on Black’s 2019 memoir about his life, is set to open NewFest + LGBTQ Film Festival in New York on October 13. in 2023.

He ended the post with “More to come. Counts.”

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