‘Klokkenluider’: Watch the first clip from the London Film Festival selection

Neil Maskell, whose acting career includes ‘Kill List’ and ‘Peaky Blinders’, made his debut with ‘Klokkenluider’ showing at the BFI London Film Festival.

A thriller comedy thriller, the film revolves around an unlucky government detective and his partner hiding in a remote Belgian cottage, accompanied by two eccentric bodyguards.

“Clockenloader” came from a combination of circumstances. I was vacationing in East Flanders and the atmosphere of the house we were staying in made some noises in my head. “There were four characters and they were trapped there, but it took me a while to figure out who they were,” Maskell said. diverse.

“At about the same time I was appalled by the general indifference about our privacy and our vulnerability to an unseen authority soon after Edward Snowden was discovered. His heroism, altruism, and courage seem to have been lost on the people for whom he sacrificed their freedom,” Maskell says.

“I was impressed by what he did, both practically as much as moral. His planning had to have been surgically meticulous. I wondered what would happen to people of the same decency and motivation if they lacked his understanding of government security and surveillance capabilities. How would they act? What kind of half-baked plan is that? Might they, or I, come up with some closely guarded information in the public domain?What forces might converge to block them?

‘Klokkenluider’ uses these questions as a narrative introduction but it is by no means a naturalistic or factual work. She tries to echo many facts at once and be funny,” Maskell adds.

The film stars Amit Shah (Happy Valley), Tom Burke (The Blow), and Jenna Colman (The Sandman). Produced by MarVista Entertainment and Erebus Pictures.

The BFI London Film Festival takes place from October 5-16.

Watch the clip here:

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