House of the Dragon Star compares Harwin’s strong character to the beloved Game of Thrones character

Ser Harwin Strong didn’t get a lot of screen time on House of the Dragon, but he definitely made a lasting impression with fans before his tragic death. Harwin, who is likely the father of Rhinera’s children, was one of the few truly honest people in Westeros, but his brother Larez hired some death row prisoners to kill him and their father by setting fire to Harrenhal. In the eyes of fans, Harwin left quite early, which reminds everyone of the lover Game of thrones Auburn Martell character.

Pedro Pascal Game of thrones The lead only existed for one season, but it has had a lasting impact on everyone who watches it. The character took his career to a whole new level after killing the Red Viper and people are still talking about his arc in the show. When preparing for Harwin Strong, Drago’s housen star Ryan Corr thought a lot about Oberyn.

“I talked to [showrunners] Miguel [Sapochnik] and Ryan [Condal] early,” explained Kor AV . Club. “I think it was Ryan who talked to me about Pedro Pascal’s character in [Game Of Thrones], The Red Snake, and how he was there for a limited period of time but his existence persisted, long after his death and throughout the series. They are clearly very different personalities, but they saw that their influence was the same.”

Harwin, like Oberyn, was an instant likable character among fans, even though he didn’t get much time on screen. Kaur saw Harwin as an honest man that people could actually root for, and showcases his character in how he interacts with the Rhinera children.

“I wanted to explore ideas of strength other than physical strength, you know? Strength in honor and strength in love for a family and sitting happily in the world,” the actor said. “And I had a really cool dad who was always there, he’s always said to me all my life, me and my sister, he’d kind of say, ‘You know, my life revolves around you kids, period.’ And he lived that up a lot. And I always saw that as an adjective. Really powerful in it. And I think I tried to provide ideas about that.”

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