Law & Order fans are having a hard time with Amanda Rollins’ shocking moment at SVU

Amanda Rollins (Kelly Gidish) went through the wrath this season, as in the Law & Order crossover, she was shot while protecting a witness. She’s back at her job but in episode 2 we learn that she’s still dealing with trauma and that this only increased in episode 3 of the night. Tonight fans watched a scene playing while Rollins was home with her family, in which Rollins’ baby woke up screaming and talking about a monster in the closet. Carisi (Peter Scanavino) ran and gifted the girls, but Rollins shocked everyone when she ran with her pistol and opened the closet door to a battery-powered toy bear, fans having a hard time seeing one of their favorite deals. What appears to be post-traumatic stress disorder. You can check out some upcoming reactions starting from the next slide.

Rollins and Carey are already fan favorites, and fans have been wanting to see them together for quite some time. Now that we have a hard time seeing Rollins go through such a difficult time, and when you bring the kids into the situation, you can understand why fans are upset.

This also appears to be related to Rollins’ exit from the show, as it was previously announced that Gidish will be leaving the show this season and that it was not her decision to leave. We did get some hope that she and Carizzi would still have a happy ending, though, so we hope this ends up being the case. You can check out upcoming reactions starting from the next slide.

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