Energy saving tips: How to save on your heating bills this winter

aReal household energy bills have risen dramatically this year across the United States United State And the wider world and many people are trying to find ways to save on their heating bills this winter.

While governments advise everyone to limit spending on gas, they rarely share tips on how to make using gas or electric heating in your home more efficient.

How to save on your heating bills

Energy company Con Edison claimed that electricity bills will increase by 22 percent in New York City compared to last year after the war in Ukraine.

Meanwhile, the California Energy Commission revealed that homes can save up to 11 percent in heating water if they lower the temperature to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Another way to reduce heating costs is to lower the thermostat to 68 degrees. This winter we may need to choose sweaters or down jackets at home instead of short sleeves, but this way we will save on heating bills.

Meanwhile, for those of you with ceiling fans, be aware that by running them in the winter, you’re pushing warm air from the ceiling back into your room.

It goes without saying that you should turn off the heating in rooms that you rarely use and do not need heating and you can buy an electric blanket that does not consume much.

Andrew Staufferwho is an associate manager at North End Hardware in Minneapolis, noted that there are some low-cost ways to avoid soaring heating bills.

“Keep the cold air outside and the warm air in,” you will save he told CBS News.

“[You just need] Window insulation kit. It’s just a thin plastic sheet that will stick to the window.

“Once you put it on, then you hit it with a blow-dryer and it kind of tightens and looks nice.”


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