Keanu Reeves looks badass in Constantine 2 fan art

Back in 2005, a few years after ending his original run as Neo in matrix franchise and a little over a decade before his debut as John Wick, Keanu Reeves lent his talents to the DC Comics media space by playing John Constantine. while the Constantine The film was met with mixed critical reception during its initial release, and it has developed a cult following in the following years.In September, it was announced that Reeves would reprise the mysterious detective in Constantine 2. How will he look back on the role? One fan artist has a badass idea to bring to the world.

Because Constantine 2 In the early stages of development, it’ll likely be a long time until we know when he’ll be released within the upcoming DC movies, and therefore it’ll be even longer until we see what Keanu Reeves looks like as John Constantine after all these years. . Until now , spdrmnkyxxiii The model below has visualized how the actor would look.

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