Projected college basketball rankings after UConn and Duke upset

It’s been an absolute massacre in college hoops with UConn and Duke among the latest updates, so we’ll have to check out our projected college basketball rankings.

The first full week of college basketball since the calendar shifted to 2023 was an absolute mess. On Monday, then-unbeaten Purdue was the only ranked team in play, and their opponent from recent years, Rutgers, came to McKee Arena and handed them their first loss of the season.

It didn’t stop on Tuesday as Texas couldn’t stop Kansas State in Austin as they fell 116-103. But Virginia joined the Longhorns in upset when the Hoos’ freshman team knocked out Pitt. Then a late night trip to Fresno left us with no undefeated teams in the country as New Mexico lost on the road.

So we had to expect that Wednesday would bring more of the same and it did. There were four big upsets of the night, but the most shocking were Duke’s blowout at NC State, UConn’s loss by double digits at Providence to start a small skid, and Miami’s fall on the road at Georgia Tech. But Auburn was also hit by a double-digit road loss to Georgia.

And if that wasn’t enough, No. 13 Arkansas State beat No. 20 Missouri while No. 17 TCU passed No. 19 Baylor. Needless to say, we have to check out how all this madness will affect our projected college basketball rankings.

Projected college basketball rankings after Duke and O’Conn join Purdue, Texas, Virginia in the upset

  1. Houston Cougars
  2. Kansas Jayhawks
  3. Bordeaux boilers
  4. Arizona Wildcats
  5. Alabama Crimson Tide
  6. Tennessee Volunteers
  7. Gonzaga Bulldogs
  8. UCLA Bruins
  9. UConn Huskies
  10. Arkansas Razorbacks
  11. Texas Longhorns
  12. Wisconsin Badgers
  13. Indiana Hoosiers
  14. Xavier Knights
  15. Virginia Cavaliers
  16. TCU horned frogs
  17. Miami Hurricanes
  18. College of Charleston
  19. Ohio State Buckeyes
  20. Iowa tornadoes
  21. Pittsburgh Panthers
  22. Duke Blue Devils
  23. Baylor Bears
  24. LSU Tigers
  25. New Mexico Lobos

Despite only losing one, I drop Purdue from first place. They have been playing with fire lately and the modernity bias is always prevalent. Meanwhile, the Blue Devils will drop out of the top 20 to #22 with their poor performance at NC State and then UConn should barely hold on to a spot in the top 10 — though we could see them fall further from that.

New Mexico barely stayed in the rankings with just one loss while Pitt and LSU climbed the rankings in the midst of their recent good runs. Virginia drops a few spots to No. 15 while Miami drops slightly to No. 17.

This is only Wednesday, though. And as the week begins, the college basketball rankings will be in shambles by the time the new AP Top 25 is released on Monday.

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