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The Marksman Rifle class is home to some exceptional rifles in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2. Although Sniper Rifles pack a bigger punch at longer ranges, choosing the Marksman Rifle can give you great mobility and handling. the EBR-14 is an obsolete and underutilized weapon in Modern Warfare 2, overshadowed by weapons like the Lockwood MK2 and SP-R 208. However, this weapon (which is then available to open Custom gear at level 4) could be a viable option with the right attachments.


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The EBR-14 is one of the few Marksman semi-automatic rifles in the game, and bears a striking resemblance to the real-life M14. While the EBR-14 isn’t quite as hard hitting as the SP-R 208 or even the Lockwood MK2, it does provide The second best level of handling His type of weapon. With Fast rate of fire and high damage outputHowever, the EBR-14 is a decent weapon to consider – often capable of taking out unarmored targets in as little as two body shots (or one head shot).

The best attachments for the EBR-14




ZLR TALON 5 (muzzle)

  • bullet speed
  • extent of damage
  • Mute
  • recoil smoothness
  • Aimed at lowering the speed of sight
  • Aim for walking speed
  • aim for stability

FTAC RIPPER 56 (Underbarrel)

  • Designed to stabilize idle
  • Hip fire accuracy
  • recoil stability
  • walking speed
  • Aimed at lowering the speed of sight


  • Aimed at lowering the speed of sight
  • aim for stability
  • Run at the speed of fire


15 ROUND MAG (magazine)

  • Movement speed
  • Aimed at lowering the speed of sight
  • Update speed
  • Run at the speed of fire

Our EBR-14 preparation provides an advantage Increased accuracy, along with improved damage control, range and recoil. For the first attachment, we chose File XLR Talon 5 For more damage range and bullet velocity, allowing the EBR-15 to be much more effective out to 60 metres. This facility also provides mute, ensuring that your position will not be revealed to enemy compasses. Then go with 56 Readymade Garments Industry Project 56 To reduce the vertical kick of your rifle, while also saving it aim for stability For more accuracy.

To improve your purposeful persistence even further, take FSS OLE-V Laser Attached. This laser will too Increase your aim-down and sprint speeds to shoot, thus preventing EBR-14 from feeling too sluggish. It should be your fourth attachment for sure 15 round mag For extra ammo capacity, provide enough bullets for multiple engagements – or prove useful in taking down armored opponents – without having to reload as often. Last but not least, go ahead and equip an optical rig. the Cronin Red Dot It is perfectly applicable in the normal multiplayer mode. However, if you want additional magnification, the VLK 4.0 optical or the SZ SR0-7 You must do well.

If you’re looking for an extra boost in range for Warzone 2, you might consider a replacement FSS OLE-V Laser to high speed Ammo. Although doing so will reduce your handling attributes by a significant amount.

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Best benefits package

Battle hardening, scavenger, fast hands, ghost perks, Modern Warfare 2

Basic privileges

Additional bonus (obtained in the match)

Ultimate Perk (win the game)

Battle hardened and scavenger

quick hands

a ghost

To start the best Perk pack for this gear, go ahead and gear up Battle hardened. This feature will Reduce the effectiveness of tactical equipment Like Stun and Flash Grenades, allowing you to re-engage in gunfights much sooner. After that, prepare scavenger to Resupply ammo from downed players, thus keeping your ammo reserve high to get more kills in one life. It could be your bonus feature quick hands Which gives you a faster reload time. Finally, finish with a ghost make you Immune to enemy dronesthus freeing up your secondary slot for a reliable swap to the secondary.

For your Warzone 2 loadouts you will have to choose from a range of different pre-made Perk packs, our first recommendation is guardwho comes with Double time, strong arm, quick hands, and quick fix. Instead, consider taking Weapon specialist To equip an additional primary weapon – eliminates the need to search for a decent weapon or purchase a weapon from the purchase station.

Secondary recommendations

X13 mechanized gunsmith in Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2

While the EBR-14 is very effective at mid-to-long range, it is noticeably slower up close. Therefore, consider making a switch to a secondary to switch to for close combat players. the X13 Auto It is a huge consideration due to its fast rate of fire and quick draw time. If you decide to use the X13 Auto, be sure to equip a silencer for better range, a lower barrel for better recoil control, and an extended magazine attachment for additional ammo capacity.

For your Warzone 2 loadout, we recommend taking a Submachine gun For use as a close range support weapon. the Lachman pour and the Fennec 45 It is our top pick for the SMG class, due to its high damage and great handling. Moreover, the FSS Hurricane It has great bullet velocity and range, making it another great choice for close-to-medium range fights.

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