Each item is empty and what do they do

Risk of Rain 2’s Survivors of the Void has added an industrial shipping container’s content value to the already substantial Risk of Rain 2. The main focus of the DLC is The Void, another mysterious world inhabited by Void Reavers. The Void Reavers, accompanied by new and fearsome enemies, begin the invasion of Petrichor V – as if it wasn’t dangerous enough already. However, whether they intended it or not, the Void affected the planet and spawned strange new elements; VOID items, denoted in purple. Empty elements are powerful, but they can have some strange effects.


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The main trick of empty elements is the fact that they “infect” regular elements. Each empty element corresponds to an existing element from another layer and can be considered its “infected” counterpart. Picking up a Void item will make it so that any time you pick up the corresponding item, that item will be turned into its corresponding Void item, essentially locking you out of that item for the rest of your run. However, empty items provide a unique spin to the items they are based on and can have powerful effects far beyond those of the original items.

From cradle to grave

Empty items can mainly be found in Void Cradles, which are strange containers that can appear while running. Void Cradles require half of your maximum health to be unlocked, and will also spawn Void Infestors, nasty little bugs that infect enemies and turn them into deadly Voidtouched toast. Void pods can appear on their own or appear as part of a Void Seed, which spawns at the beginning of a stage and produces a wave of mined Elites to battle. Void Seeds can offer many Void Loads, so eating Void Seeds can be very rewarding!

Benthic Bloom

ROR2 Pentek Blum-1

3 upgrades (+3 per pile) from random items to the next higher rarity items at the start of each stage. Spoils all 57 leaves of clover.

Not a good start. Benthic Bloom is a Voidial counterpart to the 57 Leaf Clover, an item generally agreed to be one of the best in the game. Benthic Bloom takes some of your items and upgrades them to the next level; In order, they go from common (white), to uncommon (green), to rare (red). The void, major, and lunar elements are not affected. This looks great on paper; Rare items are some of the most powerful items in the game, and they have effects that can be cycled easily by grabbing one.

And sure enough, Benthic Bloom might provide a noticeable strength boost to the Survivor. The problem with Benthic Bloom, however, is that the lower-level elements are more useful than you might think. Paul’s Goat Hoof, for example, a popular item, provides a boost to your movement speed. In a game as messy as Risk of Rain 2, dodging attacks is a must, and you can’t exactly do that if all the elements that boosted your dodging ability are diverted to something else. You may start to see the problem here. The Benthic Bloom can be useful if you need a log book entry for a rare item, but otherwise, avoid this item at all costs.

Covered key

ROR2 is covered by switch -1

A hidden cache containing an item (60% / 30% / 10%) will appear in a random location in each stage. Open cache consumes this item. It spoils all rusty keys.

Encrusted Key is very useful, providing an easy and harmless way to get more empty items. A cache opened by the key does not spawn any Void Infestors, nor does it deduct health, making it one of the best ways to get Void items. It’s also one of the few items that can be removed, as the Encrusted key will be consumed when opening the cache.

Lost Seer lenses

ROR2 Lost Seers-1 Lenses

Your attacks have a 0.5% chance (+0.5% per pack) to instantly kill a non-boss enemy. Spoils all lens maker glasses.

  • Infect: Lens Makers Eyeglasses

Lost Seer’s Lenses are a valuable item if you feel like repeating. “Non-boss” enemies can be identified by their health bar; Boss enemies have red health bars. If an enemy doesn’t have a red health bar, they can be affected by Lost Seer lenses, and the guy gives you a buff. If you can deal without the damage bonus given by Critical Strikes and don’t want to fight a Mithrix or Voidling, pick up Lost Seer Lenses and watch the swarms of enemies before they drop like flies.

cell lysate

ROR2-1 cell lysate

Add +1 (+1 per combination) charge to your own skill. Reduces cooldown of special skills by 33%. Corrupts all fuel cells.

Cell Lysate isn’t usually worth picking up unless you really like using your special skill. The fuel cell is usually more valuable, as the equipment is a property that is universal to each survivor, rather than survivor-specific, which varies from character to character. Survivors like Acrid may find more benefit from Cell Lysate, as they can use Epidemic more often and spread the poison.


ROR2 Needlestick

10% (+10% per pack) chance of an enemy falling for 400% base damage. Corrupts all triple-ended daggers.

Needletick allows you to apply a pile of Collapse to enemies, which explodes after a few seconds for a large amount of damage per pile of Collapse. Collapsing can be useful, though he often ends up falling later in the run due to his inability to conduct the elements. However, collapsing can be very useful on builds with a high attack speed – cramming as many collapsing combos as possible before they blow can cause a significant amount of damage.

Newly hatched Zoea

Newly hatched ROR2 Zoea-1

Every 60 (-50% per stack) seconds, get a random ally void. You can have up to 1 (+1 per group) allies at a time. Corrupts all yellow items.

  • Infect: All Boss Elements (Yellow)

Newly hatched Zoea…a tough item. Zoea will summon Void enemies to help you, differentiated by their blue colour. Having allies is always a good thing, as they can act as bullet shields between you and the enemies. The thing is, the enemies of the Void have an important detail for them – they explode upon death. This explosion is not just an ordinary explosion, it is He instantly kills anyone he catches. Yes, including you. It is true that it can affect enemies as well, but the risk may not be worth it. Especially if you navigate to Void Locus, where only Void enemies lurk, the game can quickly turn into bullet hell as you struggle to dodge all the insta-killing blasts.

Plasma shrimp

Plasma Shrimp ROR2 -1

Gain a shield equal to 10% of your maximum health. When you have a shield, hitting an enemy fires a missile that deals 40% (+40% per combo) total damage. Spoils all ATG Missile Mk. 1 sec.

  • Infect: ATG missile launcher

Plasma Shrimp is a great item to choose if you are a fan of the shield game. Plasma Shrimp gives you a fancy purple shield, about the same amount as your personal shield generator. However, where the plasma shrimp really shines is in its detrimental effect; When you have a shield, your attacks fire homing missiles. There is no random chance here, your only requirement is to maintain that shield, which can be facilitated through the use of personal shield generators or transcendence. The Plasma Shrimp is also affected by the Pocket ICBM, turning one missile into three. As a result, Plasma Shrimp can offer a massive +120% damage output bonus! Plasma Shrimp pairs well with another blank item, Polylute; When healing Polylute, each lightning strike can also stimulate a Plasma Shrimp, causing the item to unleash a barrage of missiles to tear apart even the toughest bosses.

Multipotent larvae

pluripotency ROR2 larva-1

Upon death, this item will be consumed and you will come back to life with 3 seconds of invulnerability, and it will be all your items that can be damaged. He spoils all of Dio’s best friends.

  • Infect: Dio’s best friend

The multi-capable larva is almost identical to its elemental, Dio’s best friend. Simply put, it’s an extra life, something that can be invaluable if you get into trouble. The twist is that upon resurrection, all items that have a Voidial counterpart will be transformed. If you’re looking for a specific void item and you’re running into trouble, a polyp larva can be a good way to find it – in particular, a polyp larva is often one of the easiest ways to get a newly hatched Zoea. Obtaining Zoea naturally can take a lot of time, though with a multi-ability caterpillar it can be done quickly and easily – as long as you don’t mind dying to get it.


ROR2 Polylot -1

25% chance to fire lightning for 60% of total damage up to 3 times (+3 per stack). Spoils all guitars.

Where Ukulele focuses on crowd control, Polylute focuses more on single target damage. When announced, Polylute will repeatedly strike the target with lightning in a volley of blows. Polylute is one of the best hit items due to its high damage output and the ability to reliably buy other items. Of course, it can be worth keeping the Ukulele around if you’re having trouble dealing with large crowds—survivors like Huntress, who have built-in crowd control, can safely swap the Ukulele for the Polylute without worry.

Safer spaces

ROR2 is safer for spaces -1

Prevents one-time damage. Recharge after 15 seconds (-10% per pack) spoils all the hard times.

Safer Spaces is the “consistent” counterpart to Tougher Times. Tougher Times relies on random chance to block incoming attacks, while Safer Spaces block any incoming damage, then cool down. The debate about Tougher Times vs. Safer Spaces depends largely on your personal preference – just 10 Tougher Times is enough to provide a consistent level of security for any survivor. However, there is one aspect of Safer Spaces that is indisputably better; The Safer Spaces cooldown is a patch, and is therefore affected (and removed) by the Blast Shower equipment. If you can get enough cooldown lowering on your hardware, you can get 100% uptime on safer spaces, making you completely invincible except for the blasts of Void Reavers that kill you instantly.

Singularity Squad

ROR2 Singularity Band-1

Hits that deal more than 400% damage also release a black hole that attracts enemies within 15 meters to its center. Lasts for 5 seconds before collapsing, dealing 100% (+100% per combo) total damage. Recharges every 20 seconds. He ruins all of Runald and Kjaro’s teams.

  • Infect: Kajaro Band, Ronald Band

Single range makes powerful attacks that deal 400% base damage or more summon black holes that group enemies together and then explode for high damage. The Singularity Band is good for crowd control, much more so than Kjaro’s Band – however, its long 20-second cooldown compared to Kjaro’s 10 should make you think twice. The Singularity Squad can be strong, but sometimes Kjaro and Runald are stronger.


ROR2 Tentabauble-1

5% chance (+5% per pack) to hit root enemies for 1 second (+1 second per stack). Corrupts all Chronobaubles.

Tentabauble isn’t usually worth picking up on Chronobauble, which is really saying something. Tentabauble stuns enemies when you tackle it, which is useful, though He is Locked behind the RNG roll. Compared to Chronobauble, which always slows down enemies when hit, the inconsistency makes Tentabauble less useful than its base form.

flame blanks

ROR2 Voidsent Flame-2

When hitting an enemy at full health, spread the lava pillar in a radius of 12m (+2.4m per stack) to get 260% (+156% per stack) base damage. Spoils all will-o-the-wipes.

  • Infect: A phosphorescent light that hovers or floats at night on the swampy ground

Voidsent Flame can be a fun item, especially in blast damage build-ups. Voidsent Flame damage builds up very quickly, so dealing so much damage that the Voidsent Flame blast kills the enemy is a great way to deal with crowds. Speaking of crowds, the Voidsent Flame can “spread” to other enemies, causing an enemy to explode. This makes it a valuable tool for dealing with large crowds of enemies.

Weeping fungus

ROR2 weeping mushroom -1

Heals for 2% (+2% per combo) of your health every second while you run. Spoils all noisy fungi.

The Weeping Mushroom, nine times out of ten, is a complete upgrade to its base form. The noisy fungus, despite how good it is on the engineer, is usually a great item – staying still in Menace of Rain 2 is a great way to kill. However, running is more applicable, allowing Weeping Fungus to shine on more than one character. On survivors like Huntress and Mercenary, who can attack while running, Weeping Fungus really shines.

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