How to tame a pig

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You’ve probably killed hundreds of pigs playing Valheim, but did you know that there is another use for these wild boars?

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You can tame and raise pigs in Valheim, and there are some great reasons why you might want to. However, the game isn’t entirely clear on how you should go about trapping and breeding these animals, so here’s everything you need to know about taming, breeding, and using your now-friendly pigs.

How to tame pigs

Most of the animals that can be tamed in Valheim follow the same basic mechanism. If the animal is left alone with some of its favorite food, He. She You will eventually eat it and get used to being around you.


Simply toss a pile of food, such as carrots, on the ground near the pig, and once they have eaten it, yellow hearts will appear above their heads every few minutes as their “sensitization” increases. Once this number reaches 100%, The animal will completely get used to your presence, And you can start using it. However, there are a few wrinkles that make this process more difficult than it seems.

The pig should not be alerted, which means Can’t be near the player or fire or any Greylings. Moreover, the player will have to stay relatively close. If the Boar is halfway across the map, the taming process will pause until the player returns.

The pigs must also be fed constantly while they are being tamed – if they run out of food, the process of taming the pigs will stop until they are given more. in the middle, You will need five pieces of food for each animal You’re trying to tame him, but you may need more or less depending on how often you stop taming.

If you want to tame some pigs, You can use carrots, mushrooms, turnips, onions, berries, or blueberries Let’s do it. While some of the runes you find across the plains speak of mushrooms being used to tame pigs, carrots would probably be the best choice as it is the easiest pig food to secure in large, consistent quantities.

Pig trapping

The player lures a pig to a lousy pig pen in the meadows.

If you want to tame an animal, you will need to slaughter it first. In the case of the pigs, you’ll want to get them crazy first. They will start trying to uproot you with their fangs, and this gives you the perfect opportunity to lure them into a small pen. Run inside yourself, and wait for them to follow, and Quickly build something to block the entrance. Having surrounded them in this way, he jumped out of the pen.

The pig will remain hostile for a while after you leave, especially if it stays within sight of you. However, they do not cause much harm, therefore Even the weakest of wooden structures should be more than enough to hold them until they calm down.

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How to raise pigs

Two pigs in a lousy barn in Meadows Dynasty.  Exploding pink hearts surround them.

Once you have a pair of tame pigs, you can raise them and expand your livestock. To do this, simply throw in some food for them to eat. If certain conditions are met, The pig will start emitting pink hearts and move to another pig with the same particle effect. There will be an explosion of hearts and one of them might get pregnant. If so, within a short time a piglet that takes a few days to develop will emerge from one of the parents.

For this to happen, the pigs must be safe from threats, such as Greylings or Skeletons, there must be another pig nearby, and there cannot be too many pigs in the same pen. Specifically, the game checks for existence Less than five pigs within a radius of 10 units within the game, So if you want a large group of pigs, make sure you build their pen big enough.

Breeding starred pigs

Pigs and all other animals that can be tamed pass the star rating on to their offspring – A two-star pig will produce a two-star piglet. Since all kinds of stats, such as damage, health, and most importantly, item drop rates, increase with a creature’s star rating, you’ll want to tame the pigs with the highest stars you can.

If you are looking for pigs with one or two stars, You will need to find the Meadows biome that is at least 800 in-game units from the center of the map. Normal pigs can spawn with stars past that point, but if that’s not an option, you can look for Boar Runestones (the ones that refer to the taming system) since they can spawn starred pigs the first time you meet them.

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Why do you want to own pigs

A slab of pork roasting over a campfire at night in the meadows.

Hogs drop two important items that remain useful throughout in the late game: pork and its leather offal, And you can access these drops anytime you want by slaughtering mature, tame pigs. Alas, pigs have no use other than breeding them for their drops.

Pork is used in a lot of swamp and mountain food recipes, and It is also the most reliable food to feed wolves. While these foods will perform poorly later in the game, their regenerative ingredients can make them useful options for completing menial tasks and powering up biomes in early games.

Leather scraps are an exotic crafting material that is in great demand early in the game and remains relevant until you leave the mountain biome. A lot of iron equipment especially calls for leather scraps. until then , Leather scraps are a key ingredient in many decorations Like Armor Stands and Banners, which means you’ll often find yourself running out of those pieces of fabric.

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