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The Sons Of The Forest is one of the most mysterious and treacherous forests in existence. With dozens of hidden, cannibal-infested caverns, snowy peaks, and the deep black sea to explore, it’s safe to say that every gamer has their work cut out for them when it comes to exploration.

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During exploration, players will discover that many hidden and closed locations are locked due to some form of security threshold that requires one of the three key cards available in the game.


The three main cards explained

All of these key cards can be collected for free at any time; However, we strongly advise the player to familiarize themselves with the basics of the game because some of these locations will require weapons and consumables to successfully obtain key cards.

Keycard maintenance

This key tag is printed as “Carl PlanterIt is on the map above as a maintenance keycard. This keycard will require the bulldozer as it requires digging.

Keycard guest

The guest key card is printed as “Arnold Crand. Little information is given or known about this mysterious man, however, and his key card proves invaluable.

VIP Keycard

This VIP key card is for “Virginia Buffton.For those who don’t know, it’s the four-legged female in a ballerina dress that you can tame and have as a companion.

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Maintenance card

The first important step to getting a keycard for maintenance is Get the scoop. Without the bulldozer, you wouldn’t be able to get that key card. This key card belongs to Carl Planter and can be placed at the point shown in the map above.

Site snapshot of the Forest Sons maintenance card

Once you have successfully reached the marked area where the key card can be found, continue on Digging the entrance to the cellar hidden under the soil. This may take a while, but you’ll know exactly when you’ve discovered the entrance as the option to interact with the newly discovered vault hatch will appear.

Screenshot of the Children of the Forest card

Once you’ve found and uncovered the entrance to the vault, continue working your way through the vault until you reach 3D printer in the office. Next to your 3D printer and laptop, you’ll find a maintenance keycard. Simply interact with a keycard to add it to your inventory.

Once you’ve collected the keycard, pitch a tent immediately afterwards to save your progress and ensure you can respawn with the keycard.

Keycard guest

The guest keycard is the second in the list of keycards. While it doesn’t look as useful as the other two main cards, it’s still an invaluable asset that all players will need at some point or another.

Screenshot of the Cave of the Children of the Forest Guest Kikard

This cave entrance is several steps in front of an abandoned single golf course. He. SheNotably, this is also the cave that contains the 3D printer. Navigate as you would towards the 3D printer, but continue down the corridor until you reach the security door at the end.

Children of the Forest Guest Kickard Site 1

This door requires the service card mentioned above. Once this door opens, use the maintenance card. Stay to the left and take the first left until you find yourself in the two staircase dining area. Use one of the stairs to head upstairs, and you will Find a club-like area.

Screenshot Sons of the Forest guest kickard torch

The guest’s key card can be placed on top of the circular table next to several corpses. These are on the right side of the room. Once you collect your entry ticket, Proceed to exit and start your journey to the last key card. Do not forget Save your progress through the tarp tentbecause this can save you time and effort if you die unexpectedly.

VIP Keycard

Last but not least, among the three cards is the VIP key card. This VIP keycard is designed and customized for the friendliest mutant that can be found in the game, Virginia Buffton.

Sons of the Forest VIP Keycard Cave Ax screenshot

The VIP keycard is located in another hidden cave. This, much like the second keycard we explored earlier, is Nearby is a golf cart with a dead body. Once you have successfully navigated your way to this location, proceed to enter the cave using its entrance.

Screenshot of Sons Of The Forest VIP Keycard Door

Once you’ve found the last cave and entered it using its entrance, continue on your way until you reach the safe door. Open the door with the maintenance card and continue moving forward.

Screenshot of Sons Of The Forest VIP Keycard

The VIP access card is located in front of two screens on the office desk. Once you have collected this keycard and the other two, you have successfully collected all available keycards.

Save your progress after collecting each key card.

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