Former WWE and Impact Star Jessica McKay announces she is pregnant

Congratulations to former WWE and Impact Wrestling star Jessica McKay, who revealed on Instagram that she’s pregnant. McKay shared a video that included the text Baby Arriving December 2023 and ultrasound. McKay added a sweet caption to the post, writing, “I’m waiting for your love,” and it didn’t take long to congratulate her from IIconics and her IInspiration partner Cassie Lee, writing, “Eeeeeehhhhh ITS HAPPENING! ♥ ️ ♥ ️ ♥ ️ ♥ ️ We are so excited 🥹.” to Macy for the wonderful news.

McKay and Lee became a fan favorite tag team in WWE as the IIconics and would go on to become Women’s Tag Team Champions at some point. They were separated and McKay would reveal a head shot and resumed an aspect of her personality that had gotten over her with fans, but unfortunately she was a part of several talent releases that happened in WWE over the course of several months.

Lee was also a part of those cuts, but the two would reunite and become The IInspiration in Impact Wrestling. They would hit the ground running and eventually become the Knockouts Tag Team Champions. In April of 2022, McKay and Lee stepped away from the wrestling world to pursue other projects, but they couldn’t have been more complementary to their time on Impact.

“We first want to thank Scott D’Amore and the entire Impact family,” McKay and Lee said in a statement. “We had an amazing experience, working with the amazing cast and staff of IMPACT. We will cherish these memories of IMPACT forever. We are excited to start a new chapter in our lives and explore other opportunities that may come our way.”

While McKay and Lee have not since returned to wrestling, McKay revealed in an interview with Busted Open Radio that she hasn’t ruled it out either. “Never say never. There are always opportunities, but, hey, I love who I am with my life right now” (H/T PostWrestling). At the moment, her acting career is her priority.

“I love what I’m doing now so I’m really diving into my acting career and that’s my priority right now. I have classes every Wednesday. I think training and learning about the business is very important if you want to succeed. That’s just my priority now and I audition as often as I can,” McKay said.

Lee was also asked about the possibility of getting back in the ring with McKay during a previous episode of Busted Open Radio, and she definitely wants to get back in the ring at some point. “At the moment, she (McKay) is really focused on her acting career, which I still am, but being a mother now, I feel like I need to contribute a certain amount towards our family and my son. I lived a full life before he came and had all my big accomplishments before he came. He’s so young, but we have pictures and footage, and he’ll know he was there to see it all. Jess is still focused on acting, but I still want to tag. That’s why I want to tag with Shawn. I love tag wrestling.” (h/t addicted).

Congratulations to Macy and her family on the good news.

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