The brave can bring back a familiar face to help overcome problems

was oncebut at just 33 years old, it’s clear he still has something to give to the brave if he can find his past glory in Atlanta.

The last two seasons haven’t been kind to Greene. He came to the Braves camp late last year, playing 19 games for the equivalent of 8.47 ERA. After a short run with the Dodgers at the end of 2021 and now 2022, Green has made just 10 appearances. It did not go well.

Los Angeles split from Green this weekend. With nowhere else to turn now, could a return to Atlanta be in order?

Misfortunes of the brave: Could Shane Green be a short-term answer?

Green will need to undergo some fine-tuning in the minor leagues before the Braves can trust him in a game of any size. Could Green be the same bowler he was in 2019 and 2020?

Just two seasons ago, Green was the Braves set-up and had 22 suspensions in a short season. While the Atlanta team didn’t make the world championship, they were just a short game and at no point advanced 3-1 in the Dodgers series.

Atlanta without Jackson, Jay Jackson, Kirby Yates, and Tyler Matzik right now. Even if they are a beacon to the average rest, taking a handout on the Greene won’t do them any harm.

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