‘The Simpsons’ Slams Fox News at Rousing Hugh Jackman Musical Number

“The Simpsons” targeted Fox Corporation on Sunday in a musical about the death of the American middle class, during the finale of its 33rd season. At one point, the show directed its criticism at the always-controversial Tucker Carlson, who at one point said “Putin for president, next on Fox News.”

The figure was led by Hugh Jackman and economist Robert Reich, who challenged Bart to believe his father Homer’s job at the local nuclear power plant was an inspiration. As Lisa sings at one point, “You’ll never get the life our flabby father lived, so what can he do that a robot can’t?”

“That job you see now that needs a Ph.D. / While paying off student loans leaves you in poverty / No brand new car / No fancy home / No hot dinners your stay-at-home husband makes / You’ll press every dollar and cent / And it’ll still be on you Choosing between healthcare and rent,” she continued in the montage.

Reich gives a short lecture on the history of rising economic inequality in the country (“Tax breaks went to CEOs, and they never amounted to ordinary sorrows”), while Grampa Simpson leads a throng of elderly citizens in Springfield grumbling about the misinformation they’ve consumed on social media. , which contributed to their policies based on fear.

“We vote for nuts, climate deniers/QAnon maniacs, scammers and liars,” they sing “Les Miserables.” “They tore up our safety net and Medicare gut/But they got our vote because it’s too easy to intimidate us.”

The episode also featured a short parody of the popular Netflix series “Bridgerton”. Marge gathers a group of moms to enjoy the latest episode of “Tunnelton,” an event that eventually leads to Marge drinking a lot while she enjoys the sinister TV series.

“The Springfield ladies had a wonderful time trekking back to an era when England was full of qualified young ladies in corsets wooed by hot, multi-racial men with solid abs,” says the narrator.

In response, Marge exclaims, “The writing on this show is amazing!”

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