LeSean McCoy explains why he doesn’t enjoy his time with the bosses

LeSean McCoy didn’t hate his time with the Kansas City Chiefs, he hated one specific person.

One of the most perplexing questions about the NFL in the past few years has been why Kansas City’s offensive coordinator Eric Benemi has never had a head coach job.

If any other coordinator–specifically a white coordinator–had a resume that includes coaching Patrick Mahomes, being on an Andy Reed tree, winning the Super Bowl, and helping craft an attack that changed the league’s way of compiling his rosters, he’s already been a few years in a coaching party major.

However, four years later he is still in the same job.

Mystery deepens as to why Bieniemy has been unable, and apparently cannot, land a job as head coach with every off-season. With reports circulating of him outsmarting Jobs, this was initially explained as difficult to work with. The obvious counter to this was to point out the real and very serious problem of the NFL with giving black coaches chances of success. There’s no doubt Bieniemy is a potential victim of the NFL’s systemic problem with minority coaches – something he is being sued for – but there does appear to be at least some credibility to the idea that Bieniemy isn’t someone he particularly likes to play for.

LeSean McCoy is one such player.

Lisan McCoy summoned Eric Benemi about his coaching style

The former Chiefs Backward, who was in Kansas City for one season, spoke with I’m athletic The podcast and Bieniemy are absolutely flamboyant.

McCoy states that the reason he only stayed for one season in Kansas City was Benemi.

“There is a reason they urge him every year to get a job and then when the time comes no one hires him because they know what kind of coach he really is,” McCoy said.

While McCoy was grilling Benemi, he stopped going to the scorched earth and actually gave details about what he was deducing. However, the statement is cursed.

This isn’t the first time Bieniemy’s name and reputation has been dragged into the mud. After The Chiefs lost their AFC Championship game this past season, an unconfirmed and since deleted report detail a confrontation between Bieniemy and star Patrick Mahomes.

To be fair, the report wasn’t from an NFL lead reporter and was brought back once it went viral. But the seeds are sown, and McCoy comments don’t water them as often as you get rid of them poison X things from batman and robin on him.

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