Nobody can watch pirates, not even their players (video)

Yes that’s right. The Pittsburgh pirates can’t be seen right now (except for a few of them, see you O’Neill Cruz), so much so that Rodolfo Castro brought his phone into the corridors of the base.

Castro turned around for third base – paying careful attention to the current match – and all was well, until it wasn’t. Bucs’ second baseman dropped his phone, letting him slip out of his pocket and thus make a scene.

Who doesn’t need to check Twitter in the middle of a baseball game?

As ironic as this may be, Castro’s mistake is actually a genius. For anyone who has ever been to a soccer field, a cell phone is a must. Sitting at a baseball game for four hours without a player is…well, kind of boring.

I love America’s pastime like everyone else, but Pirates-Diamondbacks on Tuesday night? You’re asking too much, even from die-hard fans. The phone is a welcome distraction.

Hacker: Rodolfo Castro handles cell phone error

Castro’s mistake was taking it out onto the field in the first place, not making sure to bury it a little deeper in his pocket before making an aggressive maneuver.

“I don’t think any professional footballer could go out there with any intention of taking a cell phone,” he said. Castro said. “It is horrible what happened to me. It was clearly completely unintentional.”

Castro responded the right way. After he dropped the phone from his pocket, he picked it up and handed it to third base coach Mike Rebelo. In this way a simple error was corrected. Castro was only 90 feet from the home plate, after all.

“You stay in the game and you see things you haven’t seen before,” said manager Derek Shelton. “This was just a kid who made a mistake. It’s just one of those things that we just go ahead and say to him, ‘You can’t do that.'”

If anything, this will be a learning experience for Castro in what will hopefully be a long career in the Major League.

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