Lamar Jackson’s Twitter activity is not a good sign for Ravens contract conversations

Lamar Jackson’s recent Twitter activity raises eyebrows about the status of his current contract with the Baltimore Ravens.

Right now, there’s a general showdown between the Baltimore Ravens and franchise quarterback and former MVP Lamar Jackson in the league. Jackson He made it clear The deadline for contract extension is the first week.

However, Jackson’s recent activity on Twitter raises some eyebrows. Not only did Jackson respond to a fan’s question about his contract, saying that the Ravens offered no more than $250 million contract, but then liked a tweet about Jackson photoshopped in a Miami Dolphin shirt lifting the Super Bowl (Jackson is from Florida). Barstool Sports captured the conversation.

Are dolphins trying to mess around again? After what they just went through? Probably not, but it does raise questions about how contract talks between the Jackson and Ravens administration will go.

Lamar Jackson’s Twitter activity leaves many questions about his contract with the Baltimore Ravens

Since being drafted 32nd overall in 2018, Lamar Jackson has had an eventful career with the Baltimore Ravens. As a rookie, he helped lead them to the Premier League title and the Wild Card berth. The following season, Jackson claimed the NFL MVP title and led Baltimore to the top seed in the Asian playoffs before losing to the Titans.

In 2020, Jackson won his first playoff, and avenged the loss to Tennessee before losing to Buffalo. Last season, due to injuries, the Ravens failed to achieve post-season. Jackson struggled, throwing just over 2,800 yards, 16 touchdowns, and 13 interceptions. Jackson also ran for more than 700 yards and two degrees.

It will be interesting to see if the crows are willing to pay the price Lamar Jackson is asking to keep him at bay. However, we can’t ignore his liking on a Twitter photo of himself in a Miami Dolphins shirt. Seriously, are dolphins dating potential absurdity? Probably not, but speculation has never failed to make its presence felt on the internet and in the 21st century in general.

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