Big Yankees takeover of trading deadline hits IL as New York clings to division lead

The New York Yankees have been fighting hard in the final stage to maintain the top spot in the division, and they just lost another player on their injury list that could bring them back.

The New York Yankees were fighting hard in the final stage to maintain the division’s lead. They faced many hardships, such as his stint on Giancarlo Stanton’s injured list that lasted just over a month.

Another key player, Frankie Montas’ acquisition at the trading deadline, has just hit the roster with right shoulder inflammation, which could affect the team.

MLB’s John Morosi initially broke the news of Montas’ transfer to IL.

John Heyman from New York Post He provided an update, noting that the MRI showed no significant damage, so a return is to be hoped. He wrote: “MRI on Montas’ shoulder said no major damage was detected; he may need some rest but hope of return remains.”

Montas recently joined the Yankees on a trade deadline, but unfortunately he hasn’t performed very well. Regardless, having a jug out of turn might make things more difficult.

The absence of Yankees player Frankie Montas may not be too bad for the team

Montas underperformed in New York. Since joining the Yankees, he has produced an ERA of 6.35, hitting average against .288 and a WHIP of 1.54. His absence alone will probably not be detrimental to the team, but there is concern that he will be another key player when Luis Severino, one of the best starters as well, is absent.

The top three starters, Gerrit Cole, Jameson Tellon and Nestor Curtis, are still healthy, so they should be fine at the top of the course. However, the back end has more questions with Montas out, even as he struggles with his striped streaks.

However, given their track record in the final stage, their pure struggle for victories recently, and the Toronto Blue Jays nearing the top of the AL East standings, Montas’ absence could be a point of concern in terms of a changeover in the team.

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