Unknown Eli Manning bid to win a starting quarterback job in Pennsylvania (VIDEO)

Former New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning went undercover to make the Penn State soccer team a walkie-talkie.

Eli Manning played college football with the Ole Miss Rebels, which made him the first overall pick in the 2004 NFL Draft. He spent his entire career with the New York Giants and won two Super Bowls. After his career ended, Manning is now part of the Manning Cast of Monday Night Football along with his older brother Peyton.

But is Manning trying to make a comeback?

During an episode of ESPN’s “Eli’s Places,” Manning visited Penn State Nittany Lyons and spoke with technical director James Franklin. When Franklin asked how the team makes up, Franklin mentioned that they do two trials a year, one of which by chance is on filming day. Manning said he wanted to give it a try, and Franklin mentions that it can be a distraction.

Then Manning went under the name “Chad Powers”.

Eli Manning goes undercover to act as a rally in Pennsylvania

Almost everyone has cheated Manning. He attempted a 40-yard dash and threw some deep passes into the wide receivers. In fact, one coach who may or may not have been involved in the prank praised the “powers.”

At the end of the trial, Franklin revealed that Powers was left out of the team line-up due to his 5.49-second 40-time run, 7-foot-10 wide jump and his disqualification. That was when Manning tore off the prosthetic makeup to reveal his identity to everyone in the trial.

It was a hilarious joke from Manning.

He’s not coming back, but he showed that, we mean, “Chad Powers,” he has some amazing arm talent.

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