3 The Braves Are Responsible For The Challenging Game 1 Against Velez

ATLANTA, GA – SEPTEMBER 02: Manager, Brian Snicker of the Atlanta Braves makes a field change during the sixth inning against the Miami Marlins at Troist Park on September 2, 2022 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images)

The Braves Postason experience is not a good start. Shortly after the layoff, Atlanta looked rusty, whether or not Brian Snicker admitted it.

The brave are back today, and at the worst possible time.

Atlanta had his horse on the hill in Game 1 – a very obvious cross advantage for them given that Max Fried was running from complete rest. However, Fried struggled, as did the crime, which left 19 men at the base.

Blame anyone after that 1 . game This is a little premature, but stick with us here – Atlanta had the entire weekend to prepare for this series. Why, then, does it look flat? Let’s check the tape.

Most Brave Blame: Max Fried

At the end of the day, fried is the easiest person to point the finger at here.

Fried survived just over three rounds, giving up eight hits and six winning runs in the process. He put the Braves behind the eight-ball in front of a late-arrival crowd, which certainly didn’t help with the energy level in the Atlanta dugout. It’s hard to blame the fans, though, given that MLB spoiled them with their midday and weekday start to a playoff. Alas.

Fried’s got this first game to start all year, with exceptional numbers. It’s just one big moment, but it could be the start that defines the 2022 season if the team fails to turn things around. Look for Snitker to tread lightly with the ace on his next start, as Atlanta can’t face that quick helplessness again.

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