The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is the best Android phone out there, finally discounted on Black Friday

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

$969.99 $1299.99 Save $330

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is one of the best flagship Android phones around the world. Previously out of the reach of many, it has finally been discounted at a price that we can highly recommend its purchase. Now, you can enjoy the most versatile camera setup, best SoC, and amazing screen for less.

We’ve got our eye on premium smartphone deals and Samsung struck gold with an amazing Black Friday discount on its flagship non-foldable Android phone. The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is so good, we gave it full marks in our review, noting that it’s the perfect match for those who want a phone that pretty much does everything. It is also among the best Android phones collection.

The problem with it being a flagship smartphone is that Samsung imposed a premium price for it, with an MSRP of $1,299.99. This is a hard pill to swallow for many, especially during these uncertain times. One could view this as the first real discount we’ve seen on the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, making it more affordable for anyone looking to upgrade.

Now on Black Friday, you can find the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra on sale at Amazon and Samsung direct, letting you save hundreds on a new flagship.

Why is this a good deal?

We love the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, but that original list price made it hard to recommend the phone to those who can’t afford $1,300. For Black Friday, the phone is listed for $969.99 on Amazon and $974.99 on Samsung, the latter price without a valid trade-in. If you have an old phone that Samsung can take in and recycle, you’ll be able to save even more.

We understand that paying close to $1,000 with discount applied is still asking a lot, but for what you get with the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, it’s a much higher value. Inside, you’ll find a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 CPU with Adreno 730 GPU for incredible performance, a long-lasting 5,000mAh battery pack, a 108MP quad-camera setup for professional-grade shots, and 5G connectivity.

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