One perfect deal to revitalize Aaron Rodgers and the Packers

If the Green Bay Packers want to avoid another grueling season in 2023, it may be time for the front office to shock the system with a big trade.

The final days of the regular season approach, and things are tense for the Green Bay Packers and their fan base.

With an athletic opportunity in the postseason, hope is not lost yet. But it’s hard not to look forward, either way.

For a few years now, outside drama seems inevitable for Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. Will he retire? Will he demand trade? is this you?

Those questions are set to surface again, very soon, and if Green Bay wants to shut them down once and for all, here’s how to do it in order to keep Rodgers happy and get straight back into the Super Bowl conversation.

To the Packers’ shock, Aaron Rodgers returned to contention in 2023

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WR T Higgins

2023 seventh-round pick

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2023 first-round pick

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2023 Fifth Round

2024 Sixth Round

After years of hearing jokes about the Packers not drafting offensive skill players in the first round, Green Bay is finally cracking the joke and getting Rodgers some extra help. This year, it was especially clear that Rodgers needed an alpha wide receiver, after seeing Davante Adams traded to the Las Vegas Raiders.

In this deal, the Packers mortgaged too little in order to give Rodgers another shot at the Super Bowl. Green Bay allows losing a first and fifth round in the 2023 NFL Draft, as well as a fourth and sixth round loss in the class of 2024.

But they’ve got an alpha small receiver in Tee Higgins, along with a seventh-round pick this year.

So why Higgins? Why does the Bengals enjoy such a show? Let’s dig in.

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