4 NFL teams that should get a QB and why

Lamar Jackson rumors

Lamar Jackson, New York Jets. Mandatory credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Lamar Jackson leaving the Ravens seems to make more sense than ever, so which NFL teams should you be looking to sign the QB this season and why?

It seemed like the foregone conclusion for a while was that the Baltimore Ravens and quarterback Lamar Jackson would get the hang of things in terms of extension. The former NFL MVP is in the final year of his contract but the team won’t just let him walk, even with the prospect of a looming monster check cut, right?

Well, even though we don’t know for sure, the writing on the wall doesn’t seem to be mutually beneficial for something to work out. Jackson, who has struggled a little while healthy this season, has missed the last four games with a knee injury. And when Ravens head coach John Harbaugh was asked about his situation in Week 18 and the playoffs, he seemed tired of the situation and wouldn’t talk about it.

Given that and the many reports throughout the year of negotiations not going well, you have to wonder if a deal will ever be reached. Then, that opens the doors for teams to take a tour of Jackson, whether that means signing him or tagging the Ravens franchise and trading a quarterback.

No matter the method, these four teams should be in on getting Lamar Jackson this offseason.

Lamar Jackson rumours: 4 NFL teams should be acquiring a QB this offseason and why


Zack Wilson was a whiff of the whiff, but the New York Jets’ Lamar Jackson could have saved them

When the New York Jets selected Zack Wilson second overall in the 2021 draft, it was a decision made with the idea that the BYU product would be the franchise for the Green Gang. This was not decisively the case.

Wilson was, frankly, awful for the Jets. He was erratic when he was on the field, prone to injury to limit his availability, and much has been said about how efficient the offense seemed whenever someone like Mike White had to start in his stead. And now it all appears to be coming to a head as New York prepares to move on after two seasons.

But what makes Lamar Jackson an interesting choice isn’t just the need for a quarterback — that player may be one of the only things the Jets need to truly compete. New York was close to making the playoffs this season despite terrible and inconsistent quarterback play from Wilson and the backups.

Quinn Williams and the defense are well built, especially with rookie quarterback Gardner now leading the secondary, while the offensive line is well built and the offensive weapons are numerous. Adding Jackson to the mix, and especially playing him on the best receiving teams of his career, can create something special for both parties.


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