Twitter says goodbye to the old verified hashtags April 1st

The old checked mark has been a status symbol for quite some time. But it will finally go away on April 1st.

Twitter verified tokens were a coveted thing, given out by the company on rare occasions to people it deems worthy enough to keep the blue tick icon on their profile. With Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter, that all changed, as the platform offers anyone a blue checkmark next to their name as long as they pay for the company’s premium subscription service, Twitter Blue. But what about all the verified hashtags released before Twitter Blue? While the company announced its plans, it made it more concrete with a recent tweet that it will remove “old verified checkmarks” from a user’s profile and platform on April 1.

It is not known how many old checkmarks have been checked, but when April 1st comes around, it will surely be a sad day for many on the platform. What options will be available in the future? Right now, the only way to get a blue tick is for users to sign up for Twitter Blue and pay an $8 per month fee. Twitter has a program for organizations that will allow businesses and other organizations to have verified status on the platform with a gold or gray check, depending on the type of organization they are.

As you can imagine, these organizations will have to pay a huge amount to be validated, since the start-up cost is $1000 per month. As mentioned earlier, for a standard user, it will only cost $8 per month to get a verified check mark. In addition to the checkmark, users will have access to a variety of features such as the ability to edit tweets, long-form tweets, high-quality video uploads, and more. Twitter has also promised that these accounts will see fewer ads and get priority when it comes to replies, mentions, and search. It will be interesting to see how many users with old checkmarks will move over the new checkmark in the coming days.

source: Twitter verified (Twitter)

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