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The curtains have fallen on Tokyo Revengers season 2, leaving die-hard fans in a frenzy of emotion, yet the show’s pulse still beats in their hearts. With a cliffhanger finale, they crave more of Ken Wakui’s heady world of turf fights, revenge, and time-traveling heroes. But alas, waiting for the exciting third season may be a test of their patience, because it’s not happening anytime soon.

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But why settle for just glimpses of the action-packed world of Tokyo Avengers on screen when you can dive head first into its center with the manga series? Brilliant gang wars, heart-wrenching emotions and amazing plot twists are still waiting for you to devour in its original form. And with the manga continuing the story after the end of the second season, there is no need to suffer the anguish of waiting for the next season. So join the legion of Tokyo Revengers fans and experience the unbridled grandeur of the series in its purest and most exciting form.

Where does the second season of Tokyo Avengers end?

The Tokyo Revengers anime did justice to its manga counterpart, which made starting from the beginning unnecessary. Instead, fans can pick up where Season 2 left off and continue the exciting journey following the anime adaptation’s mishaps. So if you plan to do that, you need to start reading manga from Chapter 122, titled “Twin to Dragon”. This will begin the Tenjiku arc of the series, which is the fifth story arc overall and the sixth chapter of the fourteenth volume.

Undoubtedly, the story improves with the next arc, as we see Takemichi travel back in time to prevent the destruction of Touman caused by Miki’s distorted beliefs. However, a new threat arises in the form of the Tenjiku gang from Yokohama. With their sights set on taking control of all the gangs in Japan, they launch a ruthless campaign to eliminate Touman and all other rivals. Meanwhile, Kisaki, now banned from Toman, hatches a sinister plan to advance his own agenda against the gang. As the stakes mount, Takemichi realizes he must become stronger to put an end to Kisaki’s schemes and save the future.

A season of Tokyo Revengers brings to life previously unadapted chapters of the Valhalla Arc, weaving them seamlessly into the story. Additionally, the show has fully embraced the Black Dragon arc, including manga chapters 78 through 121.

Where do you read Tokyo Avengers and how many chapters are left?

Where to read Tokyo Revengers

After a journey of five years and nine months, the Tokyo Revengers manga has finally come to an end as of November 2022. And what’s the best part? If you decide to pick up the manga, you won’t have to wait for more exciting chapter releases. With a total of 278 chapters, you can go straight to Chapter 122 and take up the remaining 156 chapters in one sitting if you wish.

While Tokyo Revengers has captured the hearts of countless manga fans all over the world, there is a small snag when it comes to reading the series online. Since it’s published by Kodansha rather than the more popular Shueisha, you won’t find it on your usual manga reading platforms like Viz Media or Manga Plus. But you can still get the volumes subtitled in English by purchasing them from other sources like Amazon Kindle, Bookwalker, Google Play, Apple Books, Kobo, MyAnimeList, and Barnes & Noble Nook.

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