Steam users get a free game and 5 DLCs

Dovetail Games, a game developer known for making a number of different simulation games, is offering Steam users a free game as well as a number of different DLCs. The free game in question is a train sim called TGV Voyages Train Simulator, and is given as part of a series of different train-related gifts that have been given this week. However, there is only one catch with DLCs – they are meant for many different games other than TGV Voyages Train Simulator itself, so it’s best redeemed by those who already have a game or two from Dovetail Games or are inclined to get one now after trying this train sim for free.

Before we get to that DLC, let’s start with the free train sim. TGV Voyages Train Simulator Free on Steam right now, and all you have to do is Head here and order it. You can keep it for free as long as you redeem it between now and June 2nd. However, fair warning: reviews on the game so far have been mixed with many of the newest criticizing its flaws, but as many have pointed out, there’s no risk in trying it out now that the game is free.

“TGV Voyages lets you experience high-speed train travel through the French countryside in Train Simulator,” said a game preview. This is a stand-alone version of Train Simulator with limited content. See below for more information. France’s high-speed railways, dominated by the famous TGV® Duplex, are brought to life in the stunning new Ligne Grande Vitesse: Marseille Saint-Charles to Avignon-TGV train simulator route.

As for the DLCs, you can find a list of those below along with the games they need in order to use them. Many of the DLCs cost about the same as the full game itself, so even if you’re not about to start playing Train sims right now, they’re worth claiming in case you think you might in the future.

Free DLCs from Dovetail Games

This game and the DLC for other Dovetail titles will only be free for a while, so grab it before it’s gone if you want it.

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