Giants, Dodgers may be in trouble

Not only will the New York Yankees fan base like this latest update regarding Aaron Judge’s visit with the San Francisco Giants, but it also gives them a reason to stay hopeful.

Aaron Judge is the best free agent available in the MLB offseason, and understandably so. He won the AL MVP award after breaking the league’s single-season scoring record with the New York Yankees. Now, he’s making his rounds as a free agent, and Yankees fans are worried he might sign elsewhere.

Judge has been known to meet with the San Francisco Giants in recent days. According to John Heyman of the New York PostGiants, “euphoric” after their meeting with the star defense.

While this sounds like bad news for Yankees fans, there are reasons to be hopeful

Aaron Judge rumour: Yankees beat Giants and Dodgers

While Heyman noted that the Giants were happy after their meeting with the judge, he did bring some bad news for the NL West team and their rivals the Los Angeles Dodgers. Heyman said that both teams face complications in their pursuit of the judge against the Yankees, noting that they “have the judge’s advantage in terms of legacy and familiarity and familiarity.”

Regarding the Giants, Heyman mentioned how their home park is in the bottom third of home runs.

Heyman said afterward that the Dodgers are looking to cut their $290 million salary, and have talked about their need for a short hiatus as Trea Turner is expected to make big money in free agency.

Yankees owner Hal Steinbrenner said he met with Judge after the season, and that he planned to do “everything” he could to make sure he stayed with the team. However, his words could be tested if a team, be it Giants, Dodgers or someone else, offered him a huge contract.

While a meeting with the Giants may scare Yankees fans, they can also remain optimistic about the team’s chances of re-signing Judge.

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